Sales Reps

Electromet national sales engineers have decades of experience in bringing together customers and suppliers in the Defense metal fabrication and machining business, as well as in the complex mechanical and electro-mechanical design and manufacturing markets. Please don’t hesitate to reach our to them directly for more information about our products and services.

New England
Spencer Purinton,
Tim Kelly,, 909-436-7828

Northeast, NY Metro
John Zieliski,,
Tim Kelly,, 909-436-7828

DC Metro
Brad Morse,,
David Morse,
Kathy Kraft,, 336-255-2581

Chuck Ashcraft,, 256-536-0960  x-105
Kathy Kraft,, 336-255-2581

Florida,, 305-216-9707

Southern California,
Ramiro Perez,, 714-665-4440

Angel Lopez,, 310-926-7724

Canada West
Angel Lopez,, 310-926-7724

Canada East
Tim Kelly,, 909-436-7828

All Other Markets
David Wasberg,, 301-797-5900  x-225

Sales Representatives - Electromet Corp.