Custom Solutions

Build-to-Print Services for Specialized Requirements
A key part of Electromet Custom Solutions is our Integrated Manufacturing System. This helps us ensure that we retain tight control over all aspects of the manufacturing process including:
  • Precision Fabrication

  • CNC Machining & Turning

  • AWS & MIL-spec Welding

  • Chemical Processing

  • MIL-spec Painting & Finishing

  • Assembly

Electromet is a leader and innovator in this area, and our FULL-SERVICE capability enables us to control quality, delivery and cost. Our advanced experience in the Defense Sector means we know what it takes to deliver the military-grade electronic enclosures and precision components that are proven rugged and survivable on today’s modern defense platforms.
We continue to invest in our future by updating our tooling and purchasing state-of-the-art machinery so that we can deliver ever higher levels of quality and unbeatable real-world performance.