GKI® COTS Solutions

It’s All About Performance
Reliable & Survivable — Our GKI® COTS, Modified COTS and Custom electronic enclosures are designed for installation on Navy vessels, as well as fixed or mobile installations, and meet the most demanding environmental conditions to ensure equipment survivability, such as:
  • MIL-S-901D Shock Qualified Enclosures

  • MIL-STD-167 Vibration Qualified Enclosures

  • MIL-STD-461 / EMI / RFI / Tempest Secure Systems

Versatile — Our GKI® COTS enclosures are designed for flexibility and can interface with any electronic chassis or module. They are easily disassembled when required for passage through doorways or hatches and can also be modified and configured to accommodate a variety of requirements.
Modular — Our GKI® COTS enclosures are constructed from two primary designs: the Medium Duty “960” Enclosure (payloads up to 1,500 lbs) and the Heavy Duty “CY” Enclosure (payloads up to 3,000 lbs).  Both enclosures are based on a modular approach and consist of uniform construction, using extruded aluminum sections and rails with a wide assortment of outer panels and razorbacks. Various configurations are available so that enclosures can be used for open or closed rack installations. All parts are interchangeable with multiple configuration options available without extensive re-design.
Features —
  • Infinite adjustment of electronic equipment positioning using standard EIA hole spacing via front mounting rails

  • Optional EIA rails at the rear and additional intermediate EIA rails with flexible front-to-back positioning available

  • Designed to meet any height, width or depth variation

  • Optional front and rear doors with shock pins

  • Razorbacks and side/rear panels

  • Single bay and multi-bay configuration

  • Adaptable to use external or internal isolation systems specifically tuned for the payload, deck frequency and sway space required for the application

Accessories —
  • Blower drawers / Exhaust provisions / filters (air, EMI/RFI)

  • EMI/RFI-proof gasketing

  • Application specific airflow channeling for optimal cooling

  • Power Distribution Units (PDU); remote controlled and 1U rugged form factor

  • Internal, compact (5U), rack-mounted, Air Conditioning Systems

  • Cable retractors, cable trays, ladders

  • Bus bars & UL-rated power strips

  • Drip proof louvers

  • Water cooling system

  • Fixed or sliding shelves / slides

  • Equipment drawers

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