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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Precision for Defense/MIL-Specification Programs
Sheet Metal fabrication is a significant part of Electromet business. With our laser cutter, turret punch, waterjet, shears, brakes and various bench operations, we deliver the precise tolerances required by Defense/MIL-Specification programs.
Our production line includes the most modern CNC laser cutting, punching and bending equipment so that we can produce superior products that are more cost-effective and have faster lead-time and delivery.
Our Equipment & Technology —
  • Strippit Orion 3015 Plus Laser Cutting Machine; 4000 W; Sheet Size of 60” X 120”

  • Strippit FC1000XT CNC Turret Punch with 2 x 3½” Auto Index Stations

  • Flow Model I-4800 Flying Bridge Water Jet Cutting System

  • Amada 2.5m x 6.5mm Squaring Shear

  • Amada 2.0m x 50 Ton FaB5020D CNC Press Brake (1)

  • Amada 2.5m x 88 Ton HS8025/8 Axis High Speed CNC Press Brake (2)

  • DiAcro 6’ x 35 Ton and 4’ x 17 Ton Press Brake

  • Timesaver 37” Model 37 MWT-DBB-60 3 Head Flat Part Deburring System

  • Power Rolls, Notchers, Radius Machines, Slip Rolls and Beading Rolls

  • Gantry Drilling System, Radial Drill Presses, FlexArm Drilling Machine

  • Vibratory Deburring & Finishing

  • Trinco 30/BP Sandblaster

  • Airflow Downdraft Grinding Tables

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