Legacy Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

The most commonly requested PDU configurations are shown below. We can easily construct other PDU configurations upon request.


PDUs can be configured in several ways according to the customer’s requirements. The following options differentiate one PDU from another:

  • Choice of toggle switches/fuses or AIRPAX circuit breakers
  • Number of circuits available
  • Breakdown of amperage – circuit specific
  • Choice of with or without rear panels
  • Choice of installation mounting kit
  • Choice of specific wiring schematic
Toggle Switches and Fuse Holder PDUs
AIRPAX Circuit Breaker PDUs
Space Saver PDU

1U Form Factor – Rugged performance in a fraction of the space!

Space Saver Power Distribution Unit (PDU) in a 1U form factor

  • 1U PDU designed to mate with standard 19-Inch electronic cabinets, racks and enclosures
  • Rugged – Meets all requirements of MIL-S-901D (Shock) and MIL-STD-167 (Vibration)
  • Installs easily using fixed resting angle kits or slide mounting kits – no additional wiring needed
  • Contains eight, 15 AMP standard electrical receptacles in rear plus one standard power in-let connector


  • Power is controlled by six, rugged, 15 AMP, Airpax circuit breakers. Two circuit breakers control two receptacles each and four breakers control one receptacle each. Each breaker includes an LED indicator lamp. The PDU includes a power indicator lamp and an hour meter to record run time for preventative maintenance.
26-Inch deep cabinet 30-Inch deep cabinet
Fixed Installation Kit with PDU P/N 813-400D-1 P/N 813-400D-2
Sliding Installation Kit with PDU P/N 813-401D-1 P/N 813-401
PDU – stand alone P/N 813-402D-1
  • Installation kits can be customized for additional cabinet depths.
Remote Controlled PDU
  • Mounts in standard 19-Inch equipment rack
  • Uses readily available COTS components
  • Remotely controlled operation with independent control of 10 separate relays
    • Uses Ethernet communications & control
    • Uses standard web browser interface (No other software required)
    • Contains built-in web server
    • Fully password protected set-up and control application
    • Customizable status and control page (shown below)
    • Uses 10 UL listed relays
    • ON/OFF or pulsed relay operation
    • Pulse timer duration of 100ms to 86,400 Seconds

Remote Controlled PDU

  • Compact 2U chassis height
  • Shock pin supported rear
  • Up to 10 remotely controlled face mounted circuit breakers at the customers desired amp ratings
  • Powered breakers also feature local manual override (see photo below)
  • Blank rear panel for customers customized I/O
  • Upgradeable to:
    • 100 event scheduler with yearly calendar
    • Real-time clock – Sync with NTP server
    • 2 discrete inputs
    • Up to 8 temperature / humidity sensors inputs
    • Customizable E-mail alerts
    • Simple BASIC script processing
    • Device logging

Remote Controlled PDU