Cable Management
Electromet offers several standard options for cable management that complement our modular rugged electronic cabinets. These accessories can be purchased separately for easy installation by the customer or they can be installed directly into the cabinet by Electromet along with other accessories such as blower drawers, cooling fans, PDUs and fixed or sliding equipment trays.
Medium Duty Cable Retractor (PN 802-317C-series)
  • Mounts to the rear EIA mounting rails (T-nut Slot or EIA mounting holes) or to cabinet walls directly

  • Provides mechanical cable support for slide mounted equipment trays

  • Is spring assisted and swings towards the front of the cabinet as equipment trays are pulled out

  • Neatly folds back upon itself when equipment trays are pushed back in

Heavy Duty Cable Retractor (PN 812-967D)
  • Mounts both to the rear corner posts of the cabinet and to the rear of the individual equipment tray

  • Is designed to provide significant mechanical support for extremely large/heavy cables

  • Levers out to form a ladder-like support when equipment trays are pulled out

  • Collapses vertically when retracted and provides sufficient space for large cables to move

Medium Duty Cable Retractor, PN 802-317C-1
(T-Nut Slot mounting configuration shown)

Medium Duty Cable Retractor, PN 802-317C-1

Heavy Duty Cable Retractor, PN  812-967D

Heavy Duty Cable Retractor (PN 812-967D)