Electromet Supports U.S. Navy Integrated Communications and Data Systems (ICADS) Program

The ICADS program, under the direction of Space and Naval Warfare System Center Atlantic SSC-A (SPAWAR), is designed as a modular, deployable extension of the Navy’s existing Digital Modular Radio (DMR) program. The intention is to outfit modular ISO shelters as self-contained, stand-alone, deployable DMR suites. ICADS systems could be deployed globally in response to emergencies afloat or ashore, or be part of a planned operation requiring sophisticated radio communication where the local infrastructure is incapable of supporting advanced communications.

The Electromet Corporation already provides electronic enclosures for the Navy’s shipboard DMR communication suites. Partnering with SPAWAR, the Electromet Corporation is designing modified cabinets and integrated electronics to support the ICADS program. Initial deliveries of integrated electronic cabinets will begin in 2012.

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