The HF-DAG Replacement Program, under the direction of Space and Naval Warfare System Center Pacific SSC-P (SPAWAR), is designed as a significant technology upgrade to the existing high frequency communication systems currently installed on U.S. Navy ships. The HF-DAG system is an automated communications system that operates across a wide band of frequency spectrums and which supports multiple transmit and receive modes such as duplex/simplex voice, continuous-wave, teletype, digital exchange, amplitude modulation and Link 11 operations. The HF-DAG communications group complements the Digital Modular Radio (DMR) communication suite already deployed on U.S. Navy ships. The HF-DAG replacement program will provide needed technology upgrades to maintain technological currency across the entire communication system.

The Electromet Corporation already provides electronic enclosures for the Navy’s shipboard DMR communication suites. Partnering with SPAWAR, the Electromet Corporation is designing modified cabinets and integrated electronics to support the HF-DAG program. Initial deliveries of integrated electronic cabinets began in 2012 and are expected to continue until 100% of the Navy’s fleet has been retrofitted with the new HF-DAG communications systems.