The United States has been collaborating with the United Kingdom to replace the aging Ohio Class (U.S.) and Vanguard Class (U.K.) nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine fleet (SSBN). As this effort moves forward, a key sub-component to the SSBN-R program is to develop the next-generation Common Missile Compartment (CMC) that will both define and constrain the remaining design of this replacement submarine program. It is expected that 18 SSBN-R’s will be constructed, with 14 going to the United States and 4 going to the United Kingdom.

The Electromet Corporation has partnered with General Dynamics to design and build the electronic enclosures that support the Missile Control Center (MCC) and Missile Compartment (MC) launcher functions. Initial designs are complete and delivery of prototype and shore-based testing enclosures is expected in 2012. Testing and design work will continue for several years with deliveries of completed SSBN-R’s planned for the 2015-2025 time frame.