In addition to Electromet’s extremely robust, ruggedized shipboard electronic cabinet designs, Electromet also offers a family of modular, affordable, light-weight, non-ruggedized, shore-based electronic cabinets.

SAIC SPAWARElectromet recently provided SAIC with a suite of these modular cabinets for the TACAMO program, the U.S. military system of survivable communications links.

These cabinets provide the following features/benefits:

  • Modular – Height and depth adjusted to customer needs
  • Affordable/Light Weight – Constructed of light-weight steel frame and panels
  • EIA Mounting Rails – Multiple rail geometries available; multiple vertical mounting rails feature independent, adjustable, front-to-back positioning
  • Face Mounted Front Doors
  • Rear Door
  • Rear/Side Panels – Blank, configured with I/O cut-outs, ventilation; number and size to customer needs
  • Equipment Drawers
  • Fixed/Sliding Shelves & Keyboard Work Surfaces
  • Equipment Support Angles
  • Bus Bar
  • Power Strip
  • Cooling Fans
  • Casters