Electromet Supports L-3 Communications on the ASVC Submarine Integrated Power Conversion and Distribution System

  • ELectromet heavy duty, welded electronic enclosures

L-3 Communications Power Paragon is a worldwide leader in the engineering, development, manufacture and integration of power conversion and distribution systems for the defense, governmental and industrial applications. These solutions can be found on surface ships, submarines and airborne platforms for the U.S. Navy and many international navies. Electromet has supported L-3 Power Paragon on the AMP program for Virginia Class Fast Attack submarines (SSN’s) with heavy duty, welded electronic enclosures.

L-3 CommunicationsThe ASVC program is a new power conversion and distribution system for the next generation of Sub-Surface Ballistic Missile – Nuclear (SSBN) submarines that will replace the Ohio-Class SSBN’s. Electromet supports the ASVC program with rugged electronic enclosures.

heavy duty, welded electronic enclosuresL-3 005

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